About Us

Who we are 

We are an impact-driven social enterprise producing handmade, natural soap. Our mission is to empower women from the Kwa Murugi community near Nakuru, Kenya. We aim to provide them with the skills and resources to become financially independent and support their families. 

Our products give you an opportunity to have an impact, while taking the best care of your skin. 100% of our profits are reinvested into the project and the community.

How we started 

Back in 2019, we visited Kwa Murugi with the mission to understand the community and its challenges. Together with the NGO Doxa and the local people, we tried to find a solution that could help address their most urgent needs. That’s how Oyana was born. 

Our work with Doxa 

All of our work is done through a partnership with a local NGO, the Doxa Project. Thanks to this cooperation, we can ensure that all of our actions are in line with the needs and culture of the local community. 

Our focus on women 

At Oyana, we believe that empowered women lead to an empowered society. Therefore, while we see supporting women as an end by itself, we also see it as a necessary means for creating socially just and environmentally conscious communities. Female entrepreneurship in developing countries has been acknowledged by many academics and international organisations as a highly impactful path for achieving sustainable development. Our project therefore helps to activate women’s untapped potential and contributes to this innovative vision. 

Our Impact

Currently, we are running paid training for women in the Kwa Murugi community. In a few months time, once they learn all the skills needed, they will have a regular source of income; strengthening their confidence and the bonds between them. In the meantime, we are working on interventions which will enhance their entrepreneurial skills that are crucial for our long-term goal of having the enterprise run fully by the local Kenyans.